Best 3D Touch Tweaks for iOS 9

Best 3D Touch Tweaks for iOS 9
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One of the most astonishing feature of the latest launched iPhone’s is the 3D touch quality, which enables to use the apps entirely from the Home-screen itself. With the help of the amazing tweaks specially available for iOS 9, one can perform quick actions on the iPhone instantly.

How To Get 3D Touch Features On An Older iPhone

Lets see some useful 3D Touch Tweaks for iOS 9:

1. Banana

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Banana, an upcoming tweak by which you can forecast the weather report just by 3D touch. It will be totally available for free of cost and will be soon be in the market. With this efficient app, you can easily get the temperature information, current location weather information etc. day-wise and location-wise as well. This unique tweak will soon be available on the Cydia store.

2. FAppSize

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Previously, to view the storage size of the particular app, you have to follow a number of steps to do this task. Using this FAppSize jailbreak tweak, we can easily see the size of the app that our iPhone is consuming. Just after installing the app, you can absolutely see the storage size of the app. But for this, you need to accomplish the 3D gesture on an app. Also, if your device doesn’t support 3D touch, then you need to install the apps such as Forcy or RevealMenu.

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3. Brevis

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Brevis is the incredible jalbreak tweak, through which you can easily customize the 3D touch menu. After installing it, tap on settings -> preferences and perform the changes. The actions include in it are modifying the icons size, ebable or disable the 3D blur effect, adjust the font size, removing the unwanted menu item etc. At last, just move on preferences and click on “Save to activate changes”. So, avail this tweak from BigBoss repo of Cydia for just $1 which really worth it.

4. Lautus

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Lautus is a free and amazing tweak which helps to clear the cache effectively within seconds. Usually, an app sometimes used to take lot of cache space which inculcate the storage space problems. Moreover, the daily used common apps such as twitter, facebook etc. takes a huge amount of cache space. So, to overcome with the problem of cache files, you need to download this useful tweak using 3D touch which does this task in seconds.

After 3D touch on this app, you just need to click on “clear cache” option which is present under the “quick action menu”. Also, this app works for all kinds of apps. And in case of without 3D touch, you need to install revealmenu or Forcy tweak. Also, you can easily find this wonderful tweak in Cydia BigBoss repo.

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5. Tether

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Using this Tether app, you can easily configure the reminder, alarm or calender event accordingly. Installing this tweak is very simple and user friendly. Also, this app is very useful incase you want to set quick alarms or reminders etc. Just hold the clock like glyph and drag to set the time. Then as soon as you stop the finger, the options will come such as alarm, reminder etc. Choose the option and set it accordingly. Just try this amazing app from BigBoss repo for just $0.99.

6. Forcy

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Forcy is a jailbreak tweak which is much needed for the users who dont have 3D touch iPhone. This tweak will enable the 3D gestures especially for the iOS 9 users. This app is totally free and you can easily get this app from BigBoss repo.

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