7 Reasons You Should Play Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, or PUBG, instead of Fortnite

7 Reasons You Should Play Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, or PUBG, instead of Fortnite
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Fortnite-the Battle Royale is one of the highly demanding video games across the world. A large numbers of celebrities opt to play it, teenage individuals use it to enjoy their prom dates and educational institutes have started with providing scholarships to their best players. Along with this, Fortnite is acting as a gateway to plenty of video games for a large number of young players and self-identified type of non-gamers.

Even though Fortnite battle game is witnessing consistent increase in the demand worldwide, it categorizes as an emerging type of battle royale genre games. This is because; it forces online gamers to involve in a kill or be-kill type of competition, as similar to any Hunger Game.

On the other side, PUBG i.e. Player Unknown Battlegrounds is another most-watched and popularly played battle-royale type of game displayed on Twitch before the popularity of Fortnite and experienced gamers perceive PUBG as a matured alternative.

Both PUBG and Fortnite have many things in common.

Accordingly, both of them are of multiplayer and shooting-based online games. In addition, both of these action games allow team games or individual gamers to subscribe to the format of Battle Royale.

On doing this, 100 players accumulate in a confined space (via gaming devices online) to search for medical supplies, weapons and other essentials to win the gaming war. Despite there are various similar features present in between the mentioned games, confrontation prevails in between PUBG and Fortnite has separated players to some extent and stimulated strong arguments among them.

In this blog post, you will come to know a few strong reasons, which will justify why one should play PUBG i.e. Player Unknown Battlegrounds instead of its counterpart Fortnite.

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PUBG has Highly Realistic Mechanics, Imagery and Style

Player Unknown Backgrounds game has highly realistic gaming style, mechanics and imagery than its counterpart cartoon style of graphics highlighted in Fortnite. The realism factor has invoked a huge sense related to urgency while any gamer searches scavenges for medical supplies, runs from the gunfire and does everything to stay alive in the game. PUBG has everything on realistic artwork and control to boost the stake of its players and created adrenaline rush to give exhilarating experience.

Perfect and Realistic Gun Shooting in PUBG

PUBG game developers have extended the realism factor to up to combat and firing depictions by using different types of shooting guns. Similar to the case of real life fighting, in PUBG game, we observe that gun-specific recoil forces any shooter to adjust his/her aim after the shot. In addition, the game has some variation in the reloading speed of different weapons and is not instant by pressing a button.

Even in PUBG game, gunfights go on at a distant, because of which gaming characters hardly suffer a hit. Even though as a fresher you may find the mentioned challenging mechanics as frustrating, you expect to get plenty of rewards from the system if you opt to play strategically, think ahead and anticipate the next moves of your opponents. Moreover, you do not have to move ahead faster or choose the best weapons available right away to perform in a well manner. This is an important factor, for which PUBG continues to remain favorite among shooting game lovers.

PUBG consist of Inclusion of Larger and Treacherous Maps

Since the first step of PUBG Game in the gaming industry, it has provided two different maps of about 5 square miles approximately with widely opened and desolate lands. Main benefit associated with this type of structure is that it lets players without any cover from various sniper shots, which come from about hundred yards distance. On the other side, Fortnite Island/map lacks the real-world scale it is only of 1.5 square miles.

As the PUBG map is vast and spreads out largely, most of the PUBG players’ match remains for long time. Furthermore, the game increases suspense by eliminating relatively large number of players.

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PUBG has Vehicles to Protect from Enemies Attacks and Move Around the Map Quickly

Both Fortnite and PUBG games feature a playable area and a surrounding shrinking cycle to allow gamers travel long distances in no time. Since the map of PUBG is large, it allows players to drive motorcycles, cars and boats to enter the circle, which you cannot expect to get while playing Fortnite. These vehicles are helpful in the playable area, particularly in case of defensive players willing to avoid involving in a shootout based on a quick gateway. On the other side, players with offensive strategy may opt to use big vehicles to beat their opponents.

Involves Violence Feature in PUBG Game

Individual gamers and kids often avoid violent games prefer Fortnite than PUBG. However, players want to get realistic style in the game should go with PUBG, as it creates an immersive and exhilarating type of experience. In addition, improves gaming skills and lets you to achieve satisfied wining.

The decision to add violence factor in Player Unknown Backgrounds game is similar to any other type of media, like action and horror movies. Violence invokes involuntary reactions and strong emotions from audience and you may achieve both via mild violence, as highlighted in PUBG.

Tricky and Hilarious Players’ Videos in PUBG

When you play games, you will come across many tricky and hilarious videos of players whenever they drive motorcycles and cross ramp-shaped rocks. Moreover, occasional levity allows players to smile even when they combat and run for lives while you play the PUBG game.

Gives Matured, Intense and Immersive Experience

PUBG gives an excellent ego-booster and provides exclusive fun associated with playing Battle Royale game. Based on this, we can say that PUBG game is highly exciting with satisfying shootout to players. Along with this, you will have huge motivation while you indulge yourself in PUBG game.

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