Appy Geek – A News App To Keep You Up To Date With The Tech World

Appy Geek – A News App To Keep You Up To Date With The Tech World
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Who doesn’t love technology? It’s breakneck, comforting and funny – all at the same time.

Breakneck, because we are just reaching at the highest point we don’t know even exist. Comforting, because everything is readily available to use and consume, at our fingertips. Funny, because we never knew things could be this way. The first hints of technology always seem a gimmick until it becomes a god damn reality.

Technology is a race. But, without a finish.

And, to get yourself up to speed with it, an app has hit the markets, Appy Geek, which comes with a promise of providing you with all the latest from the tech world. You are in the opportunity to read a comprehensive news coverage on various trends and technologies, and get information from various licensed and trusted sources worldwide.

Appy Geek is about credible insights into the world of gadgets, mobile, video games, wearables, science, art and tech culture.


You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Using Appy Geek, you can receive news customized to your interests. The app will ask you to select your favorite topics to get you a tailor-made bulletin that picks your interest. You also get a daily News Digest on the briefings built around you. In short, it’s not like regular news app, bringing anything and everything on the table for you to feed on. It puts a beam focus on your interests and scoops information that harnesses your knowledge for good.

Appy Geek is a must-try, as it shows you the big picture via articles, awash with reliable text, photos and videos from trusted sources. You can also add RSS news feeds from your favorite websites.

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As you open the app, you can see options –

  • My Topics
  • My News
  • My Digest
  • My Account

My Topics tab gets you stories as per the topics you have selected initially.
My News tab gets you a total coverage of everything buzzing with options to react, comment and share.
My Digest tab shows a selection of the top most important articles from all your topics.
My Account tab lets you share your activities within your community.

Browse Right or Left to switch to other articles. So, the app is even easy to navigate and dive in.

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