Download Clash Royale on PC – In Few Easy Steps

Download Clash Royale on PC – In Few Easy Steps
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Would like to download Clash Royale on PC? But well you think, just imagine what it is to use this application on a device that has a much larger to enjoy better screen graphics. As you may know was created to run on devices Android but still can be installed on the PC, you only need a little help but do not worry because you do not cost money and it will not be complicated. Just follow the steps below will give you .

Clash Royale on PC

Clash Royale is a strategy game where everyone can play and take your trophies in real time. Will meet many of the characters in Clash of Clans as giants, knights, the archers, skeletons with bombs and many plus. It is a very easy to play, you will start the game with three towers (two lateral and one central), the main objective is to destroy the enemy towers.

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But at the same time have to defend your own towers, each of the battles lasting three minutes and if there were to be a tie then extra time will be added so that you can define a winner. Can you use different troops but like many things first need to unlock and to do this you have to level up but also have to get new cards.

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Every unit in the game has a particular attribute that can be life points, deployment time, speed, distance attack and other things. Is the best you can be improving these attributes when you want and thanks to its distinctive graphics can spend hours of fun, it will be a pleasure to play Clash Royale.

Features of Clash Royale for PC


Clash Royale is an awesome game to be played on PC or Laptop. Being released on 3rd Jan 2016, it has gained ample of users. It is a game where multiple players can play
card collection and duelling game fluently. Let us see the features of this game:

  1. This game has the power to destroy the tower’s of opponent applicant and you can easily earn epic crown chests.
  2. Once you got successfull in winning the chests, you can upodate the existing cards and collect the powerful cards as well.
  3. Also, you can easily upgrade the collection of cards with your ample of clash troops, spells and defences.
  4. One can built a superdeck to defeat the opponents.
  5. You can build a battle community by formulating your own clan.
  6. You can easily make your clanmates and friends get engaged in private duels as well.

How to Download Clash Royale for PC

Download Clash Royale for PC is very easy to do just follow the steps below will give you.

At the beginning we told you would need a little help, we were talking about an emulator, we know that can scare the word but the truth is they are very easy to download, you just have to search online and ready. Not all you find are reliable, so at the end of the text you leave a list of the best emulators for download.

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Once you have installed the emulator you must enter the desktop of this and see if the Play Store, in case that is not have to download it from the official website. When you have both applications installed, you should only open the store, search the application through search box and press the install button, finally expect to complete this procedure and can soon enjoy this great application. Let us see the step by step procedure below:

  1. First of all, open the browser and download Bluestacks.
  2. Then do click on the install button after the downloading process gets over.
  3. Now, double click on the Bluestack emulator and open the Google play store.
  4. Next step is to set up an account with your gmail ID.
  5. After getting the gmail ID verified, open the Clash Royale for PC app.
  6. Now, tap on the install button to get the app installed.
  7. After doing this, you can view and open up the app in “My application” section.

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List of Other Best Emulators:

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