Difference Between Whatsapp And Whatsapp Plus

Difference Between Whatsapp And Whatsapp Plus
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Whatsapp application has gained billions of users across the world. The entire amazing features of the Whatsapp makes this app outstanding which is freely available on Google Store. With this wondeful application, people across the globe can easily communicate with the help of internet connection. Its modified and advanced version is also get released i.e. Whatsapp plus.

The features and icon of whatsapp and whatsapp plus differs. Whatsapp plus offers ample of new features due to which it has become a favourite messenger app for the users. Whatsapp plus is developed by spanish developer that is “Rafalete” who has given ample of functionalities in this app.

Lets us see the various differences between them


Overall Whatsapp plus is the advanced version of Whatsapp. There are many functionalities that has been added to make it a better version of the previous one.

1) One can easily hide the online status in just at a once click. With this new version, you can chat in an offline mode with any of your friends.

2) With Whatsapp a user can send any kind of files upto 50 MB. Previously the size limit of the files was less as compared to the new one.

3) Also, the sent files are received in amazing quality and originality as compared to the previous version.

4) In this new version, there are ample of theme options which you can download from here. This feature is new and unique in Whatsapp plus.

5) When you are chatting with your friends, it shows the status report right below the chat section.

6) One more major advantage of this Whatsapp plus is that it allows you to customize the main screen, conversation screen, contact icons, chat screen etc.

7) The default limit of the media sharing is 50 MB than the previous one which is 16 MB.

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Legally, Whatsapp Plus is not an official app to download from the store. Basically due to some legal issues it has been in legal difficulty. Moreover you an easily find the download Whatsapp plus links but the process to download the application is quite normal like whatsapp only.

Therefore, inspite of amazing features with the extraordinary functionality, whatsapp plus is still awaiting in legal issues. But after Whatsapp Plus hit the market with its powerful application, Whatsapp itself update with some new features in it.

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