Download Garageband for PC Windows – (100% Working )

Download Garageband for PC Windows – (100% Working )
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GarageBand for PC: With the advancement of technology in the world in which we live today we can do almost anything with a windows computer. For example, talk to your sweetheart via video chat, receive instant messages, watch movies, do some research and even easily edit good music through the use of professional tools. And this is the case of Download Garageband for pc free. With this app you can record audio files, edit songs, mixing bases, add sound effects, and do much more.

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We’ll try our best to answer you the below general search queries on google. Here they are:

  • What is GarageBand Software?
  • Features of GarageBand.
  • Is It Available for PC Windows?
  • Is Garageband for PC Free of Cost?
  • How to Download GarageBand on PC/Laptop
  • Get GarageBand Via Raresoftware.
  • Install GarageBand PC Via Bluestacks.
  • How to Use GarageBand on PC
  • Alternative for Garageband for PC
  • Free Apps Like Garageband for PC

What is GarageBand?

The band of great musicians also enjoy’s this amazing Garageband application for creating the music. This app is best suited for composing the music with inbuilt instruments and tools. The musicians or composers who want to do DJ mixing can choose this garageband app for awesome results. Since this app is mainly developed by Apple for iOS and Mac users and it’s not free but now the android and Windows users can also download this app easily.

After the usage of millions of users, this app come up with a positive response which made this app famous. The unique feature is that the user can easily carry this superb garageband application which means that it is actually a portable and complete digital studio.  This studio has made the life of musicians easier as it has become one of the rocking app in this music world because of its flawless features. Let us discuss the features in detail.

Key Functions of Garage Band

There are some key functions which makes this app the best among other which are:

  • Music guide and lessons
  • Ultimate Guitar tracks
  • Consist of Virtual instruments
  • MIDI files which are editable
  • Audio Recoding – Same time Record and Play
  • Pre-Made Loops

Popular Features of GarageBand

Moreover, the features of a particular app i.e. Garageband describes the multiple reasons of using this great app. So, let us discuss the various features of this app:

  • This Garageband app consists of multiple audio loops which contains fabulous soundtracks such as garageband symphony orchestra and other remix tools.
  • Also, an inbuilt virtual keyboard is also there and if we talk about an external keyboard then that can be simply used with a USB cable as well.
  • The process of composing the music is very simple and you can also customize it.
  • It provides you with certain guides and lessons which makes the process of customization, composing etc. simpler.
  • The GUI of this marvellous application is very simple and easy to use.
  • The superb feature of this app is of audio recording through which a user can record and play the music simultaneously.
  • To create the entire composition, the role of guitar and instrument is very important. This app consist of amazing guitar sound tracks to compose the songs.
  • The user can easily share the composed music by a single click.

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Despite everything, if we put aside the characteristics and potential of the above, Garageband has a weakness: it was created by Apple, which means that there is no official free version of Garageband for Windows; therefore, only the iOS and Mac devices can take advantage of the features of this program. However, if you run the media just now exposed, that does not mean you cannot approach the music that you like in the way you want. In fact, there are also few more similar softwares like Garageband for pc and that are compatible for your Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

garageband-for-pc-windows (3)

GarageBand for PC or Windows – Free Download

You do not need to buy a Mac to install Garageband. The solution is called Garageband 6.0.5 for Windows and here is the largest PC Company “Raresoftware” to assure that product. Garageband 6.0.5 is similar to Apple’s application, with the exception of the smallest details like the buttons to close windows etc. However, apart from these elegance, the version of Garageband for Windows is really good response to Apple’s success.

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Steps to Download Garageband for PC Via RareSoftware

  1. Go to the website “raresoftware” and click on the green button to download GarageBand 6.0.5 to your windows computer and also compatible on Windows software.
  2. Choose where to save the program and do wait for the download to finish.
  3. Once the download is complete, locate it and click on it twice to install it.
  4. The installation may take more than ten minutes, so be patient.
  5. Also finished the installation, you can finally use the program on your Windows PC.


With this software you can mix your favourite songs, change tempo, play several instruments, cut songs, mix audio, and much more. But if you are still not satisfied with this program, then you may try some other even better. In this way, not only will you be able to do everything described so far, but you can also record in High Quality audios from various sound sources.


Alternative for Garageband for PC

1. Streaming Audio Recorder

Although Recorder Audio Streaming is not identical to Garageband to 100 %, it’s most effective and flexible features that will satisfy you equally. Intended for all music lovers, this application from the desktop has a number of built-in functions can: edit, cut, mix, copy and create the desired music files. In addition, you can also edit the ID3 tags or create specific audio file, i.e. according to your needs. In addition, consider the integrated converter recorder audio streaming as a bonus. With it you can easily create MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC (and many others).

In addition to the features above, we remind you that you can record any sound played on your PC as 1: 1. So , it’s audio streaming from YouTube , Spotify , Jango , online radio or music from CDs , with just one click you can record everything you want and in great quality ; you can even associate the program to the in- line devices , such as microphones and so on . It’s true that streaming audio recorder does not cover all of Garageband functionality to Windows, especially those related to musical effects, but with this software you may still record all the sounds you need and then, mix them with the appropriate tools built- in. To edit the audio file, all you have to do is:

Steps for Download Streaming Audio Recorder

  1. Download and install the latest version of streaming audio recorder on your PC.
  2. Click on the toolbar and then select “Edit Audio “.
  3. Load the file you want to edit and then wait for it to be identified.
  4. Click “Edit ” if you want to copy or cut the file , or select ” tools ” to access various options , like those of sound mixing etc.
  5. Watch the preview audio that you have modified, then click ” Save ” and export the file.

2. Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6 is another alternative of Garageband for pc. With this tool you can record audio files, add various effects, edit video and mix them at different times. Mixcraft 6 offers 11 virtual musical instruments and about 22 quality sound effects. There are also 6000 professional music loops, and the effects that you can use to play along to. Guitar amp simulators, vocal reduction, compression band, pitch shifting and time stretching are all features included (and there are others) .


You can download the unofficial full version of Garageband for pc, or you could opt for that premium, so as to exploit all its features. There are other alternatives, but you better think twice, because they are very expensive. So if you do not want to spend anything and if you are looking for a powerful music editor that is easy to use, then streaming audio recorder is right up for your alley.

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    Any similar software to Garage Band on Windows?

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    hey!! Could you provide me the video tutorials of garageband for PC ??

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    Garageband for PC is a really great app. My kids love it. Thanks for sharing this information for free.

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    Tremendous app, I really enjoyed it for mixing music on windows 7 PC. Thanks!!

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    hello, i have just installed it successfully but how can i start composing my own music?

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    Garageband is a great app for music lovers. Thanks for sharing this trick with us to get Garageband for pc as well.

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    Hey bunville justine………… At first launch the garageband app and choose the option File -> New. Now add the required title of the song that you want to compose. Now just click on the “+” sign. One more option is there, you can choose Track -> New track to compose. Next step is to select the intruments such as software instrument, real instrument or electric guitar. Last step is to compose your song accordingly with the required modifications in it.

    • August 14, 2016 at 10:51 am

      Thanks Marie for the suggestion. Hopefully it’ll work.

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    i just got garageband app on my windows 7 computer and it’s working superbly. Thanks for sharing this info.

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    Yesterday I tried to download Garageband app but can’t be able to download. Then I followed the steps written above to download the app and I successfully able to install it easily.

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    Awesome guide with garageband alternatives but you did’nt explain the steps to download Mixcraft 6. May be because it’s a paid app right?

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    just download it in my windows 8 laptop, gonna rap up. Thanks for the genuine steps.

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    Since Garageband is free but it consist of all the features of paid app such as Mixcraft which makes it an awesome tool.


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