Download iMessage for PC Windows 10,8,7 – An Instant Messaging App

Download iMessage for PC Windows 10,8,7 – An Instant Messaging App
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iMessage messenger is one of the most trending and instant messaging application developed by Apple. Now, the Windows users who are fond of this amazing application can also access iMessage on Windows as well. Let us see step by step guide to download Apple’s iMessage for PC Windows 10 & 8 in this article. With the introduction of iMessage, messaging has become easy, simple and hassle free not only for Mac users but also for Windows users. To download iMessage on PC, just follow the below written step by step procedure. After downloading the app, the user can easily send iMessage from computer as well.

The motive of introducing this iMessage app for Windows is to provide unlimited texting for free of cost. With just a single click, you can send enormous amount of photos, videos and audio files. The iMessage app had successfully replaced iChat app which gives an amazing experience to the users. Therefore, to download iMessage for Windows 10 and 8 is very easy and an instant experience.

Look at the Features of iMessage

These are incredible features of this iMessage app:

  1. Group chat option is also available which allow the users to chat with multiple users at a time.
  2. With the messages, you can also send video and audio files as well.
  3. The GUI is user friendly due to which the users can use the application easily.
  4. One of the instant messaging app which is totally free. Only the internet connection or Wi-Fi cost is required.
  5. Also, when the user use to type the message, then the other user will be notified.
  6. Another feature of this iMessage app is that, that you will be notified that the desired person had read or received the message or not.

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Is it Possible to Download iMessage for Windows?

Since the Apple has introduced this app, so this app is not available for Windows. But yes, here is an alternative way to run iMessage on windows computer.

Let us follow with the exact way as follows:

  1. At first, download the freeware emulator i.e. iPadian.
  2. After the downloading process, just install it on to your PC.
  3. Now, as soon as the app gets installed, you will notice the change on your PC. Actually it will look like somehow like MAC. You will start noticing the dock and all changes which appears similar in MAC.
  4. Next step is to search for iMessage app and click on the download button to get iMessage PC app successfully downloaded. At then, you will find that app right there on your PC.
  5. Now, just open the iMessage app by using the iPadian emulator and run that application.
  6. Therefore, here is the desired application on your PC. Enjoy and have fun with your friends!!

So, inspite of downloading Apple’s official application for Windows, there is a successful way of downloading this iMessage app for Windows PC.

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Steps to Access iMessage on MAC

Download-iMessage-on-PC-and-Windows (2)

Basically, this iMessage app is a inbuilt feature in Apple devices. But still if somehow you need to download it, then let us see how to do so:

  1. At first, go to Apple app store and sign in.
  2. Then write the name of the app in the search bar and search for it.
  3. Next step is to download the desired on MAC.
  4. This is how you can easily download iMessage for MAC.


Quickest way to Access iMessage with Windows?

  • To download the iMessage for windows, you need to first download Bluestacks on PC. Bluestacks is an android emulator which helps to
    download this awesome application fastly.
  • The next step is to install Bluestacks and sign in using your gmail account. Then search for iMessage application within the
    Bluestack app.
  • At last, after you had found the app successfully, just install it on your device as well.

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How to Get iMessage for PC Windows 10?

  • Install the iPadian emulator on your PC.
  • Launch the iPadian app, search for one and only amazing messenger app i.e. iMessage on your PC or laptop.
  • The next step is that as soon as you get the app, just download it and install it on your computer.
  • After the installation process gets complete, then you will see the iMessage application.

How to Access iMessage on PC Remotely Using Chrome?

  • At first install the Google Chrome browser on the Mac or PC as well.
  • Then go to settings option in chrome and you will see the “extensions”. There you can search for “chrome remote desktop” and
    install it finally.
  • Next step is to open the chrome browser on your Mac or PC and enable this option “chrome remote desktop”.
  • Most importantly while allowing your PC to be shared you just note your access code.
  • Note: The same procedure you can apply for the windows PC as well.
  • Now you can easily access the iMessage app successfully. In fact you can access all the Mac apps according to you.

How to Send iMessage from PC?

iMessage being a superb platform to send the messages allows you to send unlimited number of text, video and audio messages for free.

To send the iMessage to your friends successfully, just follow the below steps:

  • To send your message, just swipe on “compose” option.
  • Now fill up the required fields such as name, the recipient and email address.
  • Now, just the type the message that you want to send and drag the images if you want to send.
  • Lastly just press on the “return” option on the keyboard to send the messages.

iMessage Troubleshoot Common Problems

There are some problems which the user may face while using iMessage on PC app. Let us see the common problems with their solutions:

  1. When iMessage doesn’t seems to wok properly, then do update the latest OS and check whether the data or internet connection is working properly or not.
  2. Another common error is suppose the app is not able to send the messages then check that the settings are enabled or not. To do so, go in Settings -> Message -> Send as SMS is enabled or not.
  3. Just make sure that when you are chatting with your friends, then you are sign in with the same Apple ID. To do so, go to Settings -> Messages -> Send and Receive.
  4. Also, do set the phone number in the settings so as to make sure that you are identified correctly to the other people while sending the messages. To do so, again go to settings -> Messages -> Send and Receive option and then one option will appear at the bottom of the screen that “Start New Conversation From” and select the number from there.
  5. Next case is suppose the iMessage is not working or are not showing up the messages, then restart your device and then sign in again with the Apple ID. If still the problem arises, then go in Settings -> Messages -> Send and Receive and then slide the toggle button on and off again and again.
  6. If still the problem arises, then the problem can be resolved by reseeting the network setting of your device. To do so, go in Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then just toggle this “Send as SMS” option on and off and at last enable it after.

Best iMessage Alternatives for Windows PCs

iMessage is a significant application for instant messaging. Moreover, there are plenty of other applications which can be of wonderful experience to users. One of the amazing application that the user are using these days is Whatsapp for PC app which is the ultimate alternative to iMessage. Other applications are Viber, Skype etc. which has acquired the number of users and are a great option.

Download-iMessage-on-PC-and-Windows (1)


But iMessage is quite different and a useful application which consist of such an amazing features which the other alternative app don’t have. Also, you can easily download iMessage on PC or Mac at free of cost without any hassle.

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  • July 10, 2017 at 4:41 am

    Can I send iMessage to a phone that blocked me?

  • July 10, 2017 at 4:48 am

    Yes, definitely one can send the messages but what will happen is the message will move to the phone but it will not be displayed to the person.

    Actually one thing I found is that the message will displayed on the desktop. It means you have to block a person from there also. It is as simple that blocked on a phone doesn’t means it gets blocked from all devices.


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