Download & Install Pokémon GO for iOS & Android – [Solved]

Download & Install Pokémon GO for iOS & Android – [Solved]
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Released recently, mobile game Pokémon GO immediately took the first position in the App Store and Google Play. However, so far it is only available to users in the US, New Zealand and several other countries. In this article you will learn how to start playing Pokémon GO before the official release in your region.

Pokémon GO is a multiplayer mobile game for iOS and Android platforms, created by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company and Niantic. During the game, the user will find the funniest fictional creatures – Pokemon. But most importantly, what to do is not have to sit at home in front of the computer, and moving into the real world. And it is fundamentally changing the business.

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Walk on the familiar city while catching the fantastic monsters turned out to be extremely exciting affair. And yet, very beneficial to health, as playing Pokémon GO, you can without difficulty to reel those most coveted 10,000 steps.

In addition, in the game you can find a special caches that are equipped in interesting places nearby, and contain a variety of bonuses .

Note: When you create an application have been used data collected during the project life Ingress. That is why the Pokémon GO even well-versed on our open spaces and knows so much interest.

Of course, this is not limited to the game process. In Pokémon GO have more competition, capture points, and many other interesting pieces. But let’s talk about how to establish a miracle, because the game is officially not released in many countries.

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Pokemon Go for iOS Users

IOS users need to change the Apple ID in the US, Australia or New Zealand. How to create a US iTunes account for free, explained in detail here .

  1. Exit the current Apple ID on your smartphone or on iTunes on the desktop.
  2. Sign in with your “foreign» Apple ID, you will transfer automatically to the store of the country.
  3. Now get in the App Store game Pokémon GO.
  4. Download the app and install it. After this you can again change the Apple ID to the real.

Note: when the game will be available officially, it is necessary to remove the Pokémon GO, and then install it again already under his account. At the same time your progress should not nulled, as it is stored on the servers of the game.

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Pokemon Go for Android Users

Android users install Pokémon GO much easier. They only need to solve in the settings of your gadget installation of apps from unknown sources, and then download and install the game in the form of APK-file. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Before installing the need to go to the settings in the “Security” section and tick the item “Unknown sources”.
  2. Then the system will allow to install software from the APK (and the default Android trusts only applications from their own Google Play Store).
  3. Download the APK-file Pokemon and install the application. Be careful on the Web already appeared APK-packs with Pokemon Go, infected with viruses. Our link is tested and safe.
  4. Go to Settings and uncheck “Unknown sources”.
  5. Play Pokemon Go and catch Pokémon.

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Pokémon is  Company About enterprise |  International, and Niantic  Inc. Officially launched the Pokemon  the GO  in Germany and the UK. Prior to that, the game was officially available only in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Recall that in less than a day the Pokemon GO became a hit. Appendix leads not only by the number of downloads, but also on the number of earned money. This has led to strengthening the position of the Nintendo. Before the release of Nintendo  estimated at 17 billion dollars, but only a week later the company’s capitalization amounted to almost 32 billion dollars. This growth took place with the official availability of the Pokemon GO  only three countries.

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And you’ve tried Pokémon GO? Do share your fun experiences with us by using the comment box below.

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