Facebook Messenger Vs Facetime – Which Video Chat App is Best?

Facebook Messenger Vs Facetime – Which Video Chat App is Best?
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We’ve drawn a close comparison between Facebook Messenger and iOS Facetime to deliver you a light on the pointers that make them either score a ton or none. This is the most sound comparison between the two big names of the app industry you’ll read.

Video Chat App Comparison Points:

1) Access to your contact number

To text or call anyone via Facetime, you need to get your phone number registered first and also numbers of those you’re intending to contact. Contrary enough, Facebook is individual of your contact number and doesn’t require you letting it out. You can use it without a SIM irrespective of what kind of device you’re using.

2) Size

Facebook Messenger is bulkier than Facetime with 33MB as opposed to 16.8MB size of the latter. This means, Facetime consumes less space on your device, while Messenger eats up a lot more precious bites on your device.

3) Encryption and Security

Facebook has often drawn flak for its erroneous security algorithm, which has sparked several security concerns. Much like what has been the case with its WhatsApp. On the opposite, Facetime has won confidence by perfectly encrypting the conversation between the two people concerned without letting the prying eyes creep in.

4) Invisibility

Both Facebook Messenger and Facetime allow you to stay invisible for your contacts without logging out the app. You can easily avoid messages when you don’t want to talk, or are just too busy to indulge in talks.

5) ‘Typing’ Notification

It is very easy to figure out if the person, you’re interacting with, is typing a message on Facebook Messenger. You will see three dots swirling if you’re about to receive a message. Sadly, when on Facetime, you don’t find any such notification that can tell you if someone is typing a message or not.

6) Free Application

Both Facebook Messenger and Facetime are free services. You can download the applications easily from Google App Store or App Store.

7) Location Sharing

Facebook Messenger lets you share your location, so that nobody around you end up being clueless about your exact whereabouts. Facetime doesn’t come with location sharing feature.

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8) Audio Clips

You can send pre-recorded audio clips to your contacts on Messenger. However, the Facetime hasn’t reached the feature yet. You cannot record sound bites/audio clips on Facetime.

9) Media Gallery

Facebook Messenger is integrated with a media gallery, where you can find all your uploaded and shared media easily. You can access it anytime and organize the content. Facetime has no such thing.

10) Customization

On Messenger, you can customize the message color as per your preference. You simply need to open a conversation, tap on the wheel-like option on the menu bar, and select ‘Change Color’. You will be able to pick a color for the chat in question. Facetime lacks this.

11) Email Exports

Facebook Messenger gives you the liberty to export your mails from its territory to any of the email address. This is a great way to easily access the information and share them to another person when needed. Facetime, on the other hand, has no such facility available.

12) Multi-Reach

Messenger doesn’t limit your reach, allowing you to reach any user through it. You get a huge playground to talk your way out of it. This is where Facetime acutely disappoints. Using this app, you can connect with only those who own iPhones and iPads. You cannot contact anyone with Android and Windows devices.

13) Image Preview

Anybody, who would like a preview of an image before opening it, finds Messenger helpful, since it provides a small thumbnail of the image. In a contrast, Facetime doesn’t offer image previews.

14) Video-Friendly

Messenger is video-friendly. Facetime isn’t. This means, you cannot share videos on Facetime.

15) Social Networking

Facebook Messenger is an integrated messaging platform of Facebook, the social media giant. If you’ve it, you can also put pictures, videos, GIFs, status updates and more, along with commenting and tagging people. It lets you engage with an entire community and do a lot more stuff which isn’t possible on Facetime, as it is just a simple messaging platform, exclusive to only iPhones and iPads.

16) Photo Capture and Snapchat-like Filters

You get an in-built camera with Facebook Messenger to capture pictures and videos. There is a camera option that runs along the bottom of your screen. Just tap on it and start capturing. There is also an option above to use cool stickers, add text and choose colors in which you want your text to appear. You can also switch from portrait to selfie mode in a single tap positioned on the top-left of the screen. On the flip side, you cannot capture photos on Facetime.

17) Compatibility

Facebook Messenger is compatible with all leading OS we know – Android, Windows and iOS. Unfortunately, Facetime is only iOS-friendly. And, has no variants for Android and Windows.


This is a spec-by-spec comparison between Facebook Messenger and Facetime. All things said, it’s relevant to mention that both the apps have their unique competitiveness and loyal userbases which are well-retained.

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