Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks you Should Download

Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks you Should Download
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Cydia is the most effective technique to install a variety of superb applications and tweaks. With the lots of impressive latest Cydia tweaks, a user feels chaotic to downoad which tweak at first. Although there are number of applications but below are some useful and enthusiastic tweaks that you should install at first. To avail the facility of awsome cydia tweaks, a user should jailbreak their iOS device such as iPhone, iPad etc. After jailbreaking the iOS device, one can easily install all the astonishing apps, tweaks and utilities instantly. So, let us see the top 10 free cydia tweaks in 2017 for your jailbroken iOS 10 devices that will surely exhibits the different and amazing impact on your iOS device:

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1) Grooveshark


This amazing app allows you to upload the copyrighted audio files that could later on be streamed accordingly. This application is absolutely free with the friendly user interface. To make use of this app, just open the Grooveshark website and play your loved song.

2) Winterboard


Winterboard is a famous application through which you can easily manage the theme and also consist of thousand of excellent themes. Install this application from Cydia and after downloading it, enjoy the adaptable user interface to download the stunning themes.

3) AdBlocker


However, while visiting a particular website, you ought to see lots of ads appearing on the website which makes you quite irritating to work. To avoid the appearance of the ads, you just have to install the AdBlocker app and as soon as you install this app, you will not see any ads anymore.

4) Cyntact


Cyntact is a significant application which allows the iOS device users to place the pictures in front of their contact name. Just install this tweak from cydia and find the image with their contact in the contacts list.

5) AirBlue Sharing


If you want that your iOS device should not only send the files to other iOS devices only but also to other smartphones such as Android or any other phone, then you must use this amazing app. With this eminent cydia tweak, you can easily send the files to any other device. Also this application effciently work with any bluetooth device and available free on Cydia. You just need to install and make use of this effective cydia tweak.

6) IntelliscreenX


It is very irritating when a user has to unlock his iPhone to see the notifications that is received after regular intervals of time. To overcome this problem, Cydia introduce an Intelliscreen app through which you can see all the notification on the locked screen itself. To have the experience of this amazing app, you can download its free trial version from cydia.

7) Cydelete


Usually when we get bored of using some applicatons or tweaks, we used to uninstall that app or tweak which takes substantial amount of time to unintall that particular app completely. After uninstalling the app, it is also necessary to respire the iOS device. So, now cydelete is an app which does the task of uninstalling the app quickly and easily. Therefore, download this tweak from cydia under the BigBoss repo.

8) SBSettings


SBSettings is an wonderful app that you should install at first. With this app, you can easily respring, reboot, turn WiFi, Bluetooth, 3g off etc right from your iPhone’s notification center. It also enable you to hide the icons that you dont need.

9)  Activator


With this useful app, you can easily take the benefits of countless combination of gestures. This app allows you with plenty of options such as quickly respire, automatic battery drain option when the battery is low, enable/disable the switches accordingly, automatically reduce the volume when you plug headphone and many more options are there.

10) Five Icon Dock


This is a very useful tweak which permits you to add 5 icons on your iOS device as you can see the above image. To get the fifth icon on the dock, you need to install cydia no jailbreak and download this amazing tweak i.e. Five Icon Dock which is developed by the famous personality, Jay Freeman, who is also responsible for handling the cydia store for jailbreak applications.

Therefore, these are the most popular cydia tweaks which is needed by every iOS users.


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