How to Make Group Video Call on WhatsApp?

How to Make Group Video Call on WhatsApp?
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Whatsapp, since this app is launched, it has gained billions of users from more than 180 countries including Europe, America etc like countries. Well with the free video calling feature, this multi platform messenger app has been gaining the users rapidly. Not only this feature has been rolled out officially on Android and iPhone but also on Windows users also. Also for Android users, it is mandatory to update your Android to 4.1+ OS else you cannot be able to use the Whatsapp video calling feature. While making a video call, make ensure the availability of the network should be strong enough. As the bad quality network will surely makes your video calling experience to the worst.

Moreover when you are in the active mode of video call, two options are there one is “send a message and mute audio”. If we use to select the this option while being on a call, then the concerned call will be on hold. But if the call disconnects from the other end, then certain options are provided which are cancel the call, call again or record a voice message. The entire package of Whatsapp of messaging, voice calling, video calling etc is totally free of cost which inculcate just a Wi-Fi or data pack.

How to download Whatsapp Video calling feature on Android?

You can find the app right there in the Play store. Just update your app and if the video calling feature is not updated then, just follow a couple of steps:

1) At first, move to the Google play store.

2) Then tap on the Apps and Games option.

3) Here you will also look for the apps which are to be updated. You can see the update button below the app which required to be updated. Well you can tap on the update all button to update all apps at once.

4) Also you can move on to Whatsapp app and tap on update button to get the video calling feature.

How to place a Whatsapp video calling?

To use this video calling feature, just open up the Whatsapp chat with the concerned person you want to chat with and then simply tap the phone button. There you will see the option of video calling, just tap on it and here comes your video call with your beloving friend.

group video call on Whatsapp

How to receive a Whatsapp video call?

When somebody makes a Whatsapp video call, you just have to slide the green button to pick up the call. Also if you want to decline it, just tap on the red button once. Else you have one more option to decline the call. Well, there is a message button just beneath the green and red button. Just click on the message button with a quick message to decline the call.

How to make group video call on Whatsapp?

To make a group video call there is a free application named as “Booyah” which is available in Google Play Store. This application will make you use the Whatsapp contacts for Whatsapp group video calling. You can install this free application on iOS or Android device. After installing the app, you can make a video call through it and add up the Whatsapp more contacts to it. At the time of adding the contact, the existing video call may freeze for a moment but the connectivity will be there for sure. With the help of this Booyah application, you can enjoy the group video call with your friends.


Well, enjoy the amazing video calling feature at free of cost. With this superb additional feature in Whatsapp, the communication becomes more viable between the two entities. Thanks for reading.

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