How Can I Watch Netflix On My TV or Mac?

How Can I Watch Netflix On My TV or Mac?
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With more than 100 million subscribers across the globe, Netflix has evolved into the ultimate paradise for binge watchers as they get to browse through a wide gamut of possibilities. You can download Netflix, to access its online movie rental service at any place and time of your preference via all internet-connected screens. Once you learn how to download Netflix movies, you can play, pause and resume the same without having to watch irritating commercials.

Today we are going to take you through the steps concerning how to download Netflix on your television for making the most of its shows and original content. You can download movies from Netflix in a hassle-free manner coupled with our tutorial to take your entertainment drive to a whole new level.

Netflix Features

• You can create separate user profiles for your family members while you download Netflix shows so that the recommendations of your young niece don’t get in the way of your action movie favorites.

• You can create a personal Netflix playlist by rearranging the “My List” section.

• Movies and shows which are imminently expiring are revealed by Netflix so that you can watch your favorites before they become unavailable.

• Dubbing is slowly becoming a big issue with the introduction of more and more foreign language shows in Netflix. In such a scenario, you can turn on the subtitles by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner and selecting the audio in original language followed by subtitles in preferred language.

• You can easily turn your favorite movies and shows into an audio-book by selecting the “Audio Description” option of Netflix wherein a narrator will promptly explain the on-screen action so that you can multi-task to perfection.

How can you download movies from Netflix?

Netflix can serve as the ideal pick on those days when you wish to spend some time lazing on the couch with a robust Wi-Fi connection to play your favorite contents without any buffering. But considering scenarios when you are planning for a road trip with limited net connectivity or a super-long plane ride, it becomes imperative to download the same for offline viewing.

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Today we will discuss about how to download Netflix movies onto most of your devices:

• Firstly, you will need to ensure that your Netflix app is up-to-date by selecting “Check for Updates.”

• After this you will be required to take your pick amongst the two-different quality for downloads of High and Standard. You can enjoy somewhere between 720p and 1080p of content resolution using the former option although the same is not specified by Netflix. While standard resolution paves the path for quicker downloads with less space requirement on your device, high resolution downloads require more patience as well as space. While proceeding with the selection, you will have to click on the menu icon and scroll down to “App Settings.” Next, you will have to click on “Video Quality” from the “Downloads” heading for selecting your preferred quality.

• Although everything in Netflix can be downloaded, you can proceed with the same in an easier manner from the special section termed as “Available for Download.” You can access the same by clicking on the “Menu” button at the upper-left corner. While searching for specific titles to download Netflix shows, you need to ensure that they feature the download icon beneath the same.

• Once you are done downloading your favorite Netflix contents, you can access the same from “My Downloads” section by clicking on the menu button located at the application’s upper-left side. Everything from the title’s running time to the space utilization of the same is listed next to the content. You can play the same simply by clicking on the video thumbnail.

How to download Netflix movies on Mac

It might prove to be pretty cumbersome to download Netflix content for offline streaming in your Mac device as content becomes more vulnerable to the pangs of piracy on being streamed over the same. To download Netflix shows, you will thus be required to record the video using a software which records your Mac screen while streaming Netflix. This recording can then be saved for offline viewing. The following steps are required to be followed to download Netflix movies in your Mac:

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• After selecting the show, you wish to record, you need to start playing the same.

• Next you will have to press on Command + Shift + 5, which will bring up the brand-new screenshot function comprising of the screen record feature.

• You can now choose “Record Selected Portion” and thereby position the bars surrounding the screen you wish to capture.

• It becomes imperative to ensure that you have selected “Built In Microphone” by clicking on Options before proceeding with the recording part as otherwise you won’t get to enjoy the complete audio-visual experience.

• Next you will have to press the “record” button after which the program will play with volume on. You can engage in other household chores during this time span and either press Command + Shift + 5 or click on the Stop icon at the menu once it comes to an end.

• The recorded content will be saved by default in your desktop.

After availing the monthly subscription of Netflix, you can stream your favorite contents with no upper ceiling on the number of movies and TV shows which can be accessed per day. The world’s largest online movie rental company based out of America comprises of about 60% movies which are based on personalized recommendations. You can download Netflix movies and TV shows using the internet platform after paying a monthly subscription fee for the same.


Once you are done with the Netflix download, you can access everything ranging from recent seasons of popular shows to old favorites. You can download Netflix shows under Disney and Marvel banner before your friends coupled with the exclusive agreement of the company to act as the foremost broadcasters of the same. It thus becomes possible to download Netflix episodes exactly after being released on home video.

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