8 iMessage Apps for iOS 10: Enjoy Messaging Like Never Before

8 iMessage Apps for iOS 10: Enjoy Messaging Like Never Before
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No matter where you are in the world, you will find people who love the iOS. Nobody cares about the Facebook messenger or Snapchat as much as they enjoy funny stickers or emojis on iMessage. But as it turns out, Apple’s recent update isn’t going too well with the users. Many have complained that the stickers or emojis are beyond lame and totally not relatable anymore.

Why do you think that happened? If you still haven’t figured out the new stuff that is offered by the latest update, here you go –

Pokemon Stickers

Yes, Pokemon Go is the new trend these days, but why would anyone want to send a Charmander sticker to anyone? Unless of course, you’re having a conversation about Pokemon. But how often does one even talk about Pokemon?

This Word Game

People might be a fan of scrabble, but this is nothing like it. First of all, nobody has the entire day to sit in front of their phone screen waiting for their friend to play the next turn. There are so many different ways in which one can enhance their English language skills and this isn’t one of them.

Grammar Snob

You could operate this if you’re using iMessage for Windows, but no one likes a grammar snob. This app allows you to strike out or correct anything that your recipient is typing with a red sketch pen. If you don’t want to make your friends feel like they’re in high school again, don’t attempt to use this one.

Side effects

If you’re not using the iOS 10, this one isn’t for you. Now you can use a different mode to set up effects on your messages and they will give them a slight push. In anything other than an iOS 10, it will normally vibrate. This is probably Apple’s way to nudge you to get iOS 10 ASAP.

Drag and Drop Stickers

This one is definitely for all the lazy folks out there. Apple is making you lazier now that you don’t even have to use your thumb to type. It only works when you drag and drop stickers on your screen. Obviously, it becomes useless if you’re using iMessage for windows, though.

Balloons and Confetti

This new feature is simply perfect for all the fake friends out there. Don’t want to show up at your friend’s place at midnight? Just send some balloons and confetti on their chat, instead.

Making Polls

If you have a group of 5 or more people coming to attend a party, why go through the trouble of asking for individual preferences for food and drinks when you can simply set up a poll? It will save your time, but it would also make you a terrible host.

Sending Money to Friends

There’s also an app through which you can request or send money to your friends through iOS. Now you would be reminded about the $20 you owe to your friend every time you open his chat.

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Apple updates have been pretty awesome in the past, but it has come to a point where being unique doesn’t make you cool anymore. Even if it’s a different update, doesn’t mean it’s going to be useful.

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