“iMessage not Working” Error on iPad/iphone/iOS 10 – Solved

“iMessage not Working” Error on iPad/iphone/iOS 10 – Solved
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We all live in a world where technology rules it all but most often than, errors in functioning make us frustrated. How many people have suddenly received error messages on their iPhone? It seems like users who are still using iOS 8 or 9 have popping errors related to the iMessage app. Currently, messaging apps on Apple are working locally just like Telegram, WhatsApp or Hike. So the possible factor in the malfunctioning of the iMessage app is still unknown. But here’s how you can deal with it –

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Why Does My iMessage Not Work?

First of all learn to figure out the actual issue with the app and only then you will be able to find a solution for it. There could be plenty of reasons for iMessage not working so you need to find out which one is relevant for you. People using the older versions of iOS will face more problems with the iMessage due to the recent updates. But it is fine as long as you know how to get about the solution. The application relies on your internet connection so when you’re checking for suggestions or solutions, make sure the data on your phone is on.

  1. WiFi/Data connection – Since the app works on internet connectivity, you can check if your WiFi signal is being interrupted or your mobile carrier isn’t supporting a data connection at the moment. Make sure this problem is tackled first.
  2. Work with a proxy app – Sometimes, due to certain disturbances your WiFi network bans certain apps. If you haven’t used any proxies, try to download an app using a proxy and check if that works. This usually happens if you’re using a public or school WiFi connection. Check out the functionality of the app while using the proxy.
  3. Account settings – Alter your account settings or reset them so that it can reset the app entirely. Remove your phone number and email ID and enter it once again after logging out.
  4. Date and time – The iMessage app will only work if the phone’s date and time is accurately set. Check the settings of your date and time in the menu bar and resolve the issues, if any.
  5. Reboot – If nothing seems to be working for you, go for a phone reboot. All your apps will have to be downloaded again and it will reset the entire system.

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How Do You Turn Your iMessage on?

Make sure you try out these few solutions before going into a state of panic. Most often, solutions come up with the simplest things and the iMessage app starts working without a glitch. But if you’re still receiving an error message, there’s no other option than to visit the store. Call up customer service first and see if they can solve the problem on the phone itself. They will guide you step by step on how to figure it out. If you’re still unsure, just hit the store that you purchased your product from and they will handle the rest.

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