iMovie for PC Windows & Mac – Powerful Video Editing App

iMovie for PC Windows & Mac – Powerful Video Editing App
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Download iMovie for PC Windows: Hey guys!! These days editing the videos with the more extraordinary features is in latest fashion. So, here comes the most popular video editing software i.e. iMovie which is the one of the best application nowadays. With its remarkable features it is flourishing more in a market to edit the videos perfectly. This iMovie app has engraved large number of users towards itself to enhance with the various effects in the video. This startling application is known for the perfect edit in editing the videos successfully.

Moreover, this awesome application is designed and developed by Apple for Mac and iOS devices officially but not for PC. So, in this article we will help you to download this superb application to your PC as well. After Apple has launched this application and the users has seen its remarkable results, many Window users also want to download this application. So, here comes the solution to download iMovie for windows application without any hurdle.

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Features of iMovie App

Downloading iMovie for PC is the best and free available source to edit the videos with its amazing features. With the various speciality of this app, this app has reached the atmost level in usage. Being a default software program for Mac and iOS users, it has also gained the Window users because of its astonishing features. Let us see its featurres one by one:

  1. User Fiendly interface: The user can easily organise the video, audio etc. accordingly.
  2. 2D and 3D effects: With this iMovie software, one can add astounding 2D and 3D effects to the video.
  3. Multilingual: This software is available in multiple languages such as Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Czech etc.
  4. Offers Different Templates: One of the amazing software which offers amazing templates designs as well.
  5. Multiple Editing Options: This app gives all the editing options such as copping, enhancing, rotating, splitting and merging options as well.
  6. Create HD Quality videos: This is very first software to give this extraordinary feature.
  7. Share Videos: With this app, you can easily share the video among your friends. The posting options include Youtube, Facebook etc. options to share the videos.
  8. Hollywood Style Trailors: This app can create 14 different and unique trailorrs templates and graphics.

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Requirements to Download iMovie on PC

  • The RAM size should be atleast 128 MB and 1 GB for netbooks
  • The CPU should be 2.33 GHZ
  • The graphics memory should be 128 MB
  • Also the cross platform PC is reuired.

Download iMovie for PC – Windows 7/8/10


Follow the step by step tutorial to download iMovie on PC –

  1. The foremost step to download this app is the downloading of the free and android emulator i.e. Bluestacks application and install this application.
  2. Then the very second step is followed by searching the iMovie application by typing it in the search bar.
  3. Third step is to press on the install button to install this app successfully.
  4. Now, the next step is to install iMovie for Windows and later on you can view the app in the Bluestacks software.
  5. Last step is to open the app and start creating the movies.

Note: While the installation process you may get the error code as “Market not found, Search Web for installation recipe?”. In this case, you may download this app directly from the Google Play Store. Another method to resolve this error code is by using android APK files on PC. For this second option, first open the bluestacks in browser and then go to Google play store.apk. Now just download the iMovie app by double clicking on them.

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Download iMovie for Mac


Downloading iMovie on Mac is very easy as the iMovie app is there by-default in Apple store. You just have to open it and download directly from Apple store by clicking on the install button after searching for the app. After installing the app successfully, enjoy your videos and share it in the communities and social media sites.


Thus, with the help of iMovie app, you cab able to create the amazing style videos with the beautiful clips in it. Since it possess a very high definition video support and also facilitate to share the videos, it has become the awesome application for millions of users. So what are you waiting for, start downloading this amazing app and enjoy your own edited video clips.


How to get iMovie for MAC, iPad, iPhone?

Downloading iMovie for Mac, iPad and iPhone is actually not a big problem as Apple provides the iMovie for Mac app in its store. They don’t have to wander on internet to it download. For Mac users, it is an added advantage which minimize their time in installing the desired app. Also there are certain websites which gives the direct link to download it from the Apple store itself which makes the process of installing more easy. But to avoid the problems, the much better option is to download the iMovie app directly from the Apple store.

How to overcome with iMovie Crashing problem?

This problem can occur due to several problems that are:

  • iMovie project files can become corrupted.
  • There can be some problem in Cache folder.

And these problem can occur due to viruses, so to resolve the issue, just scan the device or PC

How can iMovie slow speed problem can be resolved?

In this case, just delete the unnecessary files and check the memory again. Also when you intends to give lots of command at the same time, then the iMovie gets slowed down. Therefore every command should be given at the right time and in a very systematic manner.

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    Last week, I faced the crashing problem and couldn’t be able to recover. But I after reading this great article I find the problem that the iMovie app crashes because of virus problem and found a solution. Thanks!!…Great article.

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    From last week I am facing slow speed issues, could you help me out please??


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