How iOS Apps Adapt Themselves to the iPhone X Screen Size: Read Our Full Review

How iOS Apps Adapt Themselves to the iPhone X Screen Size: Read Our Full Review
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Though the world is going gaga over the release of the new iPhone X, yet it is a wee bit difficult to understand the technical nuances of the same and how it is different in design from its predecessors. The coveted full screen feature has created a bit of a delirious situation for app development processing that not only relies on a predefined set of regulations, but also takes a bit of a time to adjust itself to a new layout. The table given below, differentiating between the pixels of the iPhone models, should give you an idea about the underlying differences that the app might have to undergo to attain a proper compliance with iPhone X screen.

iPhone Model Pixels
iPhone X 2436 x 1125
iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+, 8+ 1920 x 1080
iPhone 8, 6s, 7, 6 1340 x 750
iPhone 5, 6SE 1136 x 640
iPhone 4 960 x 640

And the list goes on…

So, How Do the iOS Apps Fit Into iPhone X’s New Dimensions?

iPhones have always been enthusiastic about backward compatibility that enables the phone to place the old version apps. In case of iPhone X this feature is hugely prevailing with the addition of slightly zoomed in apps to fit the huge screen. Fitting in the apps for the iPhone X also spells more effort for the developers to enable the much-needed compliance. Moreover, ensure that you build your apps using XCode 9 and build them against the iOS 11 SDK. However, if your app deploys the standard UIKit components and Auto Layout, you need not worry much about the core functionality. Some minor changes here and there might just do the trick. On the other hand, if your app possesses some custom layouts or uses up the entire screen, then its compatibility with iPhone X might rely on some heavy updating. Nevertheless, do a thorough check up of your application in every type of orientation and screen just to be sure. Check it in every layout and dimension to overcome any anomalies that might have missed your keen eyes and cause malfunctions later.

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Some of the interesting features like the safe zone act are buffer units for several apps. For instance, the rounded corners of the phone bear the potential for cutting out the app content. The safe zone mitigates this issue by creating spaces in the top and bottom portions that allow the app the space out and display its content efficiently.

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