Download iPhoto for PC – Photo Editing App for Windows

Download iPhoto for PC – Photo Editing App for Windows
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iPhoto for PC: It is the most popular photo editing application which is developed by the reknown company known as Apple. The purpose of developing iPhoto app is to allow the importing of pictures from the several storage devices such as CDs, USB flash drive etc. and digital cameras. Also it consist of very advanced features which makes this an awesome application.

Moreover, this is one of the astounding and reknown app through which you can edit, store and can easily organize the images. One can operate this application on all iOS devices as well such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. As the iPhoto app is developed by Apple, the Mac users can easily get this application as it is pre-installed in Mac. Now, the user can browse his photos anytime accordingly. This iPhoto app contains lots of inbuilt tools which provide the advanced platform with bundle of options. It is considered one of the revolutionary application where not only you can customize the photos but also can share them on social media platforms.

Some Features of iPhoto App

iPhoto, one of the amazing photo editing app, which is used by millions of people today worldwide has gained unlimited popularity because of its miraculous features. It is much more than a normal ordinary app.

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Let us have a look at its crisp features below:

  1. It consist of very easy to use and smooth user interface.
  2. One of the superb feature of this app is that it supports all the image formats.
  3. Also after clicking the pictures from the app, one can share immediately on iMessage, iCloud, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc. as well.
  4. It has the face recognition feature also which means that it can recognizes through browsing the face of a particular friend.
  5. Another feature is it can group your photos automatically according to the time that you have clicked.
  6. It consist of print option if you want to take a print out of any of the memorable pics.

So, with these great features, who can resist without downloading this app? In all the Apple’s devices, you can easily use this app but if you want to get this app installed in windows, you need to follow number of steps.


How to Download iPhoto For PC with Bluestacks?

To install the iPhoto app on windows, you need to install Bluestacks application first. With the help of android emulator, the task of downloading iPhoto app becomes easier and possible.

  1. You need to install the Bluestacks software to get the successfull installation of iPhoto on PC.
  2. After the installation, launch the Bluestacks app.
  3. Now open the Bluestacks app then move to the search button.
  4. Enter the word “iPhoto” in the search box.
  5. After you get the desired app, just click on the install button.
  6. After the process of installation, just launch the iPhoto application.

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Alternative of Bluestacks

Also, in place of Bluestacks, you can also use iPadian or Andyroid in the same way as above for the successful installation of iPhoto on PC.


Therefore, iPhoto is the most intuitive and fruitful solution for editing the pictures and then organizing it with multiple options. So, install this application as soon as possible to take the awesome benefits of this app.

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