How to Play the Pokémon GO Game – Beginners Guide

How to Play the Pokémon GO Game – Beginners Guide
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We have already told how you can now install the Pokémon GO to your smartphone running iOS or Android. If you start to play and caught myself thinking that he did not know anything about what is happening on the screen, do not worry. Now I’ll explain everything.

Who are the Pokemon?

Our story will be incomplete without a brief excursion into the history of the emergence of Pokemon. It is especially useful to those who were born recently, or, on the contrary, had already forgotten everything.

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The word “Pokémon” is derived from the English phrase Pocket Monster, ie Pocket Monster. These creatures devoted to super popular series of games, movies, comic books, toys and all that was invented in Japan in 1996. During its existence, Pokemon visited both at the peak of global popularity, and in the abyss of complete oblivion. Now we see a sudden revival of this famous brand.

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And the most important thing that must be understood before you play the Pokémon GO. In the 20 years of its existence, the world of Pokémon is so developed, overgrown with so many written and unwritten rules, traditions and conventions that the uninitiated man immediately understand them does not work.

How to Find & Catch a Pokemon?

No exact notation habitat Pokemon on the map does not exist. But there are indirect signs of their presence. First of all, pay attention to those places on the map where the moving grass and leaves.

Do not lose sight of the indicator in the lower right corner. On it appear the image of Pokemon that roam somewhere near you. But again, there is no guarantee that you will meet on the way Pokémon. And this uncertainty makes the game even more interesting.

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If you come across the Pokémon, its image will appear on the map next to you. Tapnite on it, and you are transported back to the capture screen. At the bottom of the screen is pokebol (red-white disc), and directly in front of you – Pokemon. Take pokebol and throw it towards the monster and select a time when the pokemon will be in the green circle. Total number of attempts will be enough to understand the mechanics of this simple action.

Caught, and then what?

One of the games Pokémon GO important tasks is to capture at least one Pokemon from every available category. Your entire collection is going to pokedex, and should strive to fill it completely.

But this is not all, for what we need Pokémon. More, they are able to fight with each other, and to do so in accordance with a very intricate rules, which are just below. Here we only mention that each monster has its own unique characteristics, which can be pumped through training. These include hit points (Hit Points – HP), Battle Goggles (Combat Points – CP) and attack (Moves).

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Adding more to this Pokémon’s ability to evolve. It is important to catch Pokemon, which is hard to find in nature.

And What Kind of Rotating Pieces on the Map?

It pokestops – special caches that contain pokeball, eggs Pokemon and other cool stuff. Typically, they are located in interesting places, such as public art installations or monuments of architecture, history and culture. So, playing Pokémon GO, you can also visit several interesting sites nearby, which previously did not even have a clue.

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When you approach close enough to pokestop, it will increase in size and your smartphone vibrates. Touch him on the map, and you will see a picture of this place in the form of a disk. Make swipe – disc starts to rotate, it will fall out of the bonuses. Collect them, touching everyone.

But Those Big Towers?

When you reach the fifth level, you will be invited to join the team. But these same towers (in game terms, they are called “gimy”) and are home to teams. You will be able to determine Pokémon caught in free or SHM SHM their team, each player can place only one Pokémon at any given GIM. Adding to the GMM can be trained Pokémon in battle, thereby increasing the level of prestige of the training room.

The higher the prestige of Gima, the harder it will be to discourage him from opposing teams. If prestige Gima reduced to zero, the defending team loses control of gimom, and you or another player can take control of it by identifying where your Pokémon. Thus the team with the most extensive set of monsters and bleed, can gradually capture more and more gyms.

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This let’s suspend our educational program on Pokémon GO, so as not to overload you plenty of information. I just want to note that in this report is presented, though important, but not the full information about the game. For comprehensive coverage of all Pokémon GO nuances will not be enough and large encyclopedias, so that further immersion suggest you carry yourself.

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So what Pokémon GO?

  1. If you like walking and adventure, then explore all the interesting corners in his district in search of Pokemon and pokestop.
  2. If you like card games and simulations of evolution, then collect the full collection of Pokémon and watch their development.
  3. If you prefer a team multiplayer game and the battle, the fight for control of the gimami and make his team the coolest in town.

Pokémon GO – is a game that gives you exactly what you want. And so to break away from it is no longer possible.

Well, now you understand why the whole world gone mad?

Caution: Fake Pokemon GO for Android Devices

With Google Play, found hazardous applications distributed under the name of the acclaimed games from Nintendo – Pokemon Go. These programs may block access to the smartphone, according to ESET.


ESET researchers have found in the app store for Android three malicious programs that use the name of the popular game the Pokemon GO . One of the viruses published under the title Pokemon Go Ultimate. Immediately after starting the application locks the device screen and background generate traffic to resources “for adults”. It provides income to the creator of the malicious program

“More than 50 million users have already downloaded a malicious application”

To restore access to the device, you must restart your smartphone – to remove the battery or use the program “Android Device Manager.” The application can be removed in the settings.

Another type of virus

Also, the Google Play find other viruses lurking under the name Guide & Cheats for Pokemon Go and Install Pokemon Go. These applications are not directly harm, but can fraudulently sign user on unnecessary paid services. In this case it is possible to lose money from the mobile account. Over time, there will be new fakes, so be careful.

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    Actually this server issue arrives when a huge number of players connects to the game. So, this server issue cannot be handle by players but the Pokemon Go players can check the server status repeatedly to know the online status of server.

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