How to Get Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak

How to Get Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak
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Being crazy about playing games, Pokemon is the amazing game which everyone want to get download and play on their iPhone. Last month, after applying many tricks, I become successfull in installing pokemon on iPhone 6 efficiently. But to install the unauthenticated apps or games effectively, you either require to use an emulator or you need to jailbreaking the iOS device.

Get Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak

These days everyone is getting fond of Nintendo games. Moreover Nintendo is the third world largest company in Japan which is popular for its video games such as Pokemon, Mario etc. Therefore to play these games, one needs the following software:

Software Required to Play Nintendo Games

1) Download GBA4iOS

2) Emulated ROM

3) The operating system, Mac with the latest iTunes updated in it.

How to Install GBA4iOS on iOS

GBA4iOS is an efficient and free Game Boy emulator which you can easily Download and install on iOS devices. But to install GBA4iOS, you need to change the date effectively on your iOS devices.

Get Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak

Let us see the steps of installation of GBA4iOS

1) At first, you need to open the Settings -> General -> Date and Time. Then modify the date accordingly so that the desired app could work. Now, just tap on the “set automatcally” option to set the date.

Note: Just select the back date to be on the safer side.

2) The next step is to move on to the safari browser and open the website.

3) Now, you will see the download button as soon as you will open the website. You just have to press the download button.

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4) Furthermore, you will see the new page will open where it will ask you to download the latest version. You just have to click on that button according to your operating system as version 2 is suitable for iOS device 7 and 8. So the whole information will be surely displayed that which version is suitable to iOS. Also the regular updating of the app takes place periodically.

5) Last step is to click the install button to get the available app installed successfully. This process may take some time to download.

6) As soon as the app willo get installed, you will surely notice the small icon appearing on the Home screen. Just click on that icon and press the “continue” button.

7) Now, you just have to acquire the games that you want to play.

8) At last, again set the date according to the current scenario but before doing this action make sure that you run this app atleast once.

Note: IF you find that the app is not working after changing the date again, then you can again modify the back date to get the app to work smoothly.

Get Pokemon on iPhone without Jailbreak

Another Alternative is NDS4iOS in Place of GBA4iOS

This utility is exactly same as the GBA4iOS app and the installation process of this app is also the same as above. NDS4iOS is just an alternative of GBA4iOS as it does the same functioning. Therefore, now you can easily enjoy all the Nintendo games.

Install NDS4iOS on iOS

Install ROM emulator to play pokemon on iPhone

To play the pokemon game on iphone, the next step is to install the ROM. Let us see the steps to get it installed efficiently.

1) To get this emulator, open the in the safari browser.

2) Then click on the “Emulators” option and then just tap on the “GameBoy Advance section” option.

3) Next step is just to go on the desired game i.e. Pokemon and press the download button once.

4) After the complete download of the game, you will see the small icon on the screen. Just tap the icon twice and wait till the game get installed. At last you need to navigate the GBA4iOS app from the list itself.

Note: Once the emulator is get installed, you just have to transfer it by syncing it with the itunes on your laptop.

That’s all. Now you can enjoy free pokemon games on your iOS device. It is injudicious to expect the official version of Pokemon game for iPhone. So, go through the above steps and get it on your iPhone.

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