Screen Overlay Detected Error in Android: Fix it Like a Pro

Screen Overlay Detected Error in Android: Fix it Like a Pro
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Ever since the Marshmallow update for android has come out, users with devices having Android 6.0 and above have been facing the screen overlay detected issue whenever giving a new app permissions to access your contacts, location and display. When you open an app from the Settings, you can see the permissions. Although it’s a bit frustrating to get a pop-up notification every time while giving permissions to new apps, this new security feature from Google ensures security. Let’s know more about why you receive this message and how to fix it.

Why the Screen Overlay Message?

To ensure no malicious apps can accept advanced permissions without manually seeking permission from the user, the screen overlay message has been created. This particular pop-up prevents any interference from other running apps on your phone, while it asks for permissions from the app you are currently using. It’s a great security feature but it can be frustrating to deal with if you regularly use apps like Twilight, F.lux or CF.Lumen.

How to Know Which App is Causing It?

Follow these simple steps if you can’t figure out which app is causing the message to pop-up:

  1. Tap “Open Settings”, when the screen overlay detected message appears.
  2. Choose the apps you think may be causing the error. Any screen filtering app which may be affecting your display, such as messenger, should be disabled.
  3. Only those apps which are currently showing content on your screen, need to be disabled.

Next time you use the apps you have disabled, the system will prompt you to enable the screen overlay feature.

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How to Fix the Error?

Some easy ways to fix the screen overlay error have been listed below to help you use all your apps without interference.

  • Go from Settings>Apps. As you click on an app, you will see a permission button. When you try to switch it on, the system will prompt you for a Screen Overlay Detected Message. From this pop up notification, click Open Settings. You will get a list of Draw over other apps. Disable each button for Permit drawing over other apps for each of these apps.
  • Other way is to booting to safe mode. Long press the Power button. When the prompt for “Power Off” appears, press and hold it. A message for rebooting to safe mode appears, click ok. When the device turns on, you will see a safe mode icon on the screen.
  • For samsung devices having a side key panel, disable the panel and your screen overlay detected problem will be solved.
  • Several third party battery saver apps can cause screen overlay detected problem. For example for Clean Master, open the app and go to tools and disable the iswipe feature. It will solve the screen overlay message.

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Last Words

Solving this issue is very straightforward. Even though it is incorporated for your device’s safety, you can consider the mentioned ways to temporarily disable it. For different devices there maybe different methods to solve it. Try all four of these and one of them is sure to work in your favour.

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