These Two Apps Can Help You Schedule Emails on iOS

These Two Apps Can Help You Schedule Emails on iOS
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Doing a thing, just at a time when it matters the most, is also a good genius. Not everything makes sense at ‘this’ moment, particularly with certain to-dos where expectations and involvement are way too high. Well, we’ve had our shares of experiences already and that makes it self-explanatory enough. Doesn’t it? Make a move when it makes sense. Or else, wait. And, this wisdom also expands to how we manage our communications at work desk, so that we don’t come out either too available or unavailable all the time.

Emails & The Need of Email Scheduler Apps

Emails are the first-hand tools for professional communication. And, these are important to deal nicely with, for obvious reasons. If you’re too quick to respond, you’re simply leveling up the expectations for yourself, which you may or may not live up to in the future. If you’re keeping them waiting whole day, you’re taken as utterly unprofessional. And, to make matters worse, if you’ve a poor memory and forget replying to mails quite often, there is a lot of flak and rebuke waiting for you. I am sure, there have been times when you’ve faced such issues during your stint. And, that’s when you’ve missed having an email scheduler app that can save you reputation.


An email scheduler app is how you can schedule a mail to a recipient, just when you’re hopeful of his/her availability and a swift response. Or, at a time when the email is expected to benefit you with the results you’re hoping for. Much like striking the hammer when the iron is hot!

Not just professional pick-ups, you can use an email scheduler app to wish somebody whose birthday is just in a week. Just write it down today and schedule it for 12 AM on Wednesday. Also, you can schedule a mail response at a time when you’re highly expected to be in a flight and inaccessible to your smartphone. Even if you don’t return to your inbox for replying, the email scheduler app will do it all for you. Automatically.

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Since we’re posted with a heap of queries on ‘how to schedule emails on iOS’, we’ve decided to get you the best app recommendations for the job. Apple’s email facility has no default scheduler option, and this is why a need for an email scheduler picks more steam. Here, we’re going to tell you about two apps – Later and Automator that will help you schedule emails on your iPhone and Mac respectively.

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Later – Automatically Text, Tweet and Email Scheduling – Download Here

An app, gradually picking up ranks as the top-most choice for email scheduling on iOS, is Later that lets you schedule texts, tweets and emails when it’s the right time. This means, you can set exactly when you want to send a text, mail or tweet. If you’re ready to do thanking with your wallet, there is also a utility known as Later Plus, which sends texts, emails and tweets automatically on your behalf at the time and day chosen by you. It’s all very easy, quick and handy with Later. And, we give a loud vouch for this.

The latest version of the app is Version 0.7, carrying upgrades for iPhone 6 including notifications block and fixed screen layouts.

Automator for Mac

You can find Automator in the Utilities tray of your Mac. As much as it is one overlooked service, it’s very powerful in a sense that it lets you automate tasks and saves you a lot of time and effort. Out of all the tasks it can do, email scheduling is also the one. How? By creating an application, using which, you can schedule emails in the future.


We’ve given a complete guide to using Automator. Check it out.

  1. Scheduling email on Mac automator application: Open Automator >> Choose Application.
  2. Scheduling email on Mac newmail: Actions bar >> Choose Mail >> Click/drag New Mail Message into the right-sided panel.
  3. Scheduling email on Mac mailmessage: Write mail contents >> Add recipient >> For selecting multiple recipients, use New Mail Message to the number of your recipients you wish to add.
  4. Click and drag Send Outgoing Mail to the very bottom.
  5. Now, choose the following path. File >> Save >> File Format >> Application (from the drop down menu)
    Open Calendar and select the date when you’d like to schedule an email and create a new event.
  6. Double tap on the event, click on the date, and go to Alert option to set it on the Custom mode.
  7. Open File, Point it to Automator option you saved and click OK.

This is how you can use Automator application to schedule emails on iOS. We hope, this post can help you in a bigger way, because we understand, managing emails 24*7 isn’t possible and client communication keeps you on your toes.

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